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Young Master’s Gallery

kids palette
We are very proud to be launching a kids gallery which we will be calling Young Master’s Gallery, It will be featuring kids from the ages of 4-15 years of age.
We want to help kids get back into drawing, painting and using their creativity and it is also a great boost to their confidence when they see their art displayed on a worldwide gallery along side professional artists.

There are two types of listings we are offering STANDARD and PREMIUM.
STANDARD listing they can exhibit one piece of their work for only £5.00 for 1 year.

PREMIUM listing they can exhibit up to eight works for only £20.00 for 1 year.

All the kids art will be shown on all of our social media platforms and they can submit Drawings, Paintings, Mixed Media and Digital art.

We will also be choosing an Artist of the Month where the winning young artist will receive a £5 gift voucher towards art supplies.

Payment for either listing can be made via the Young Master’s Gallery and sending the artwork can be done through email, Facebook and Twitter.
Lets get kids back to using their imaginations and creativity.

Thank you.